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What is a Premium Domain?

Domain names have grown in popularity over the past 20 years. In recent months, we have seen further domain extensions become available (.CLUB, .GURU, .NAME etc), which have allowed domain buyers to register specific keywords that were previously unavailable. However, these new extensions also create further confusion for new domain buyers on which domains/ domain […]

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OY! Domains Bags 4 .com Domains

OY! Domains is delighted to announce that we have acquired 4 .com domains in DEQE.com, ArchitectWork.com, CanadaShoes.com and CarEstimate.com. DEQE.com is a PREMIUM and rare 4-letter .COM domain. This domain is structured as a CVCV.com (Consenant, Vowel, Consenant, Vowel). This structure is very rare and highly desired. Aged 8 years, DEQE.com is expected to attract […]

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OY! Domains secures KIYY.com

OY! Domains is delighted to announce that we have secured the KIYY.com domain. First registered in 2007, KIYY.com is a premium and pronounceable 4-letter .COM domain. Pronounceable 4-letter .COM’s are hot property at the moment and here at OY! Domains are delighted to secure this fantastic domain. The benefits of this domain include: Pronounceable – […]

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4 New Acquisitions

OY! Domains is pleased to announce the acquisition of 4 quality domain names: QatarStockExchange.com SoftAnimals.com StreetBoxer.com ZHV.org QatarStockExchange.com, SoftAnimals.com and StreetBoxer.com are keyword-rich and highly brandable domains with increasing appraisals. The strength and potential of these keywords produces substantial exact match searches. These factors present a fantastic opportunity for developers and investors alike. ZHV.org is a valued 3-letter […]

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Domains listed for Auction

OY! Domains currently has the following domains listed for auction: GGRU.com QUAD-PREMIUM and Pronounceable 4-letter .COM – View Listing Portfolio of 27 LLLL.com’s Includes NKKR.com, EQOE.com and more – View Listing AELM.com QUAD-PREMIUM and highly desired 4-letter .COM – View Listing EntryPoker.com Brandable and Keyword-rich POKER domain – View Listing ReAssessed.com Brandable and ONE WORD […]

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