OY! Domains hits ACE with 8 POKER Domains

OY! Domains is pleased to add 8 brandable and keyword-rich POKER domains to its portfolio. Names include: ChampionPoker.org EntryPoker.com PokerDeals.info PokerGamer.org PokerJack.org PokerQueen.org PokerStreak.net PokerTraining.info WinPokerWin.com These domains contain the highly popular keyword of POKER and possess significant potential for development within the Gaming niche. You can find further information about these domains and others within […]

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AdComments.com – The new name with potential

OY! Domains is pleased to announce the acquisition of AdComments.com. Here, at OY! Domains, we believe that AdComments.com has huge potential as an online advertisement tool. As many of you are aware, advertising online is a very competitive industry. The role of tools and analysis, provides essential data to encourage the development of engagement strategies. […]

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New Year. New Acquisition.

Happy New Year to All. 2014 is expected to be a busy and productive year for OY! Domains and we look forward to announcing a number of exciting acquisitions and sales. We have started this year with the acquisition of OnTraders.com. Registered in 2013, OnTraders.com is brandable and very easy-to-remember domain. This domain is short […]

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Another Acquisition: NXWE.com

Despite the time of year, OY! Domains continues to build its portfolio. We are pleased to announce the acquisition of NXWE.com. Registered in 2007, NXWE.com is a short, 4-letter and very easy-to-remember domain, making it highly marketable. With possible abbreviations of ‘Next Week’, ‘Next Weekend’ or ‘Next Wednesday’, this domain has substantial development potential as […]

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OY! Domains secures L8A.com

OY! Domains is delighted to announce the acquisition of L8A.com. Facing stiff competition, OY! Domains managed to secure this premium 3-character (CCC/ LNL) .com aged domain. First registered in 2003, L8A.com is a premium, short and marketable domain. This 10-year old domain is easy-to-remember and can be branded as a representation of the word, ‘Later’. […]

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