OY! Domains Bags 4 .com Domains

OY! Domains is delighted to announce that we have acquired 4 .com domains in DEQE.com, ArchitectWork.com, CanadaShoes.com and CarEstimate.com.

DEQE.com is a PREMIUM and rare 4-letter .COM domain. This domain is structured as a CVCV.com (Consenant, Vowel, Consenant, Vowel). This structure is very rare and highly desired. Aged 8 years, DEQE.com is expected to attract a lot of interest.

First registered in 2012, ArchitectWork.com is a keyword-rich and brandable niche domain. Ideal for the Architecture industry, these keywords attract more than 2,400 searches per month.

Nicely aged at 10 Years, CanadaShoes.com is another keyword-rich domain, perfect for shoe retailers. With over 1,000 searches per month, these keywords are highly desired and could be a leading brand name.

CarEstimate.com is the oldest of these acquisitions. First registered in 2003, this domain has strong service keywords and a premium .COM extension. CarEstimate.com is perfect for developers and investors alike.

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