Other Things to Consider when buying a Domain

There are many things that are considered when buying a domain name. However, there are a number of other considerations that are often not thought about prior to purchase, which can affect what the domain can deliver. In this article, OY! Domains will present other things to consider when buying a domain name and how […]

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Two New Additions

In recent week’s, OY! Domains has acquired two new additions to its portfolio, MusicChairs.com and REGF.com. Each domain is aged over 10 years and offers substantial SEO benefits to businesses within their relevant niches. Background REGF.com is an elite 4-letter.com domain, which is easy to remember and can be used to represent acronyms of a name […]

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Upcoming Domain Events

Domain events and conferences provide a fantastic opportunity to engage with industry experts and network with peers about all things to do with domains. Over the next 6 months, there are a number of domain industry events and conferences: *Currently, there are only domain events scheduled in USA or available online* August 2014 LeadsCon 14-15 […]

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Anyone fancy some CalgaryPizza.com?

So, who would like some Pizza from CalgaryPizza.com? Well, OY! Domains team definitely does and welcomes CalgaryPizza.com to its extensive domain portfolio. CalgaryPizza.com is 15 years old and retains its status as one of the few premium pre-2000 domains available. With over 1,000 searches per month for ‘Calgary Pizza’, this domain is a local GEO gem. CalgaryPizza.com is […]

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