Other Things to Consider when buying a Domain

Other Things to Consider when buying a Domain

There are many things that are considered when buying a domain name. However, there are a number of other considerations that are often not thought about prior to purchase, which can affect what the domain can deliver. In this article, OY! Domains will present other things to consider when buying a domain name and how they can contribute towards the success of the domain.

Here are 2 other things to consider:

#1. Social Media Handles

Are the relevant social media handles available? A domain name is not the only major branding/ marketing asset that you have at your disposal. In this day of age, it is vital that websites have a social media presence to support their brand. Before you purchase your domain name, you may want research if the social media handle for your domain name is available. If available, you should register your handle once you have purchased/ registered your domain. For example, OY! Domains secured the social media handle of ‘OYDomains’ across Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

If your preferred handle is not available, you may wish to re-consider an alternative domain name or handle.

#2. Relevance to Product/ Service/ Niche

How relevant is the domain name to the product, service, niche or interest that your site will be about? Your domain name is the first point of contact with any potential user. Depending on the site audience, you may want a domain name that represents what you offer. Domains that are relevant to the website use usually offer a number of marketing benefits including user conversion and branding opportunities. Consider how you want to build your brand and whether your current domain choice would meet those demands.

Can you think of any other considerations? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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