5 Signs That You Need a Better Domain Name

How good is your Domain?

Your domain name is the portal to your customers/ visitors. However, sometimes domain names can restrict progress as much as offering marketing benefits. In this article, we point out 5 signs that you need a better domain name:

1. You need to spell it out

As part of any sales or service pitch, it is important to provide an email address or website address where customers or prospective customers can contact you. However, you know that you haven’t got the best domain name if you need to spell it out every time. Your website address should be easy to market and memorable. Make sure your domain name offers marketing opportunities and not marketing difficulties.

2. So long, no one can remember it

Promoting your name isn’t easier, but you shouldn’t make it harder for yourself. A short, snappy name can offer fantastic branding and marketing benefits. But, a long name can be the complete opposite. Evaluate your domain name with your target audience and if it proves that it is too hard to remember, maybe it’s time to upgrade to a better domain name.

3. Mistaking your domain for .com

If your domain name is a .net, .org or another domain extension, there is a good chance that the .com is already taken. It is fair to say that most people who think of a domain name, assume that it finishes with .com. You may well be losing visitors and potential customers to the .com.

4. Hyphens don’t work

In our article, What is a Premium Domain?, we stated that hyphens should be avoid at all costs. That is still the case. Hyphens are harder to market and can result in users going to another website. If that doesn’t ring home, imagine having to mention or emphasise the hyphen each time that you give out your website/ email address.

5. Not built for purpose

There must be a relationship between your domain name and the product(s) and service(s) that you offer. Let’s consider that you sell bathrooms/ bathroom installations. A domain name with bath, bathroom or even a brand name would work, but if you use ‘Home Plumbing’, it may confuse customers about what you offer. If this situation sounds familiar, it may be time to consider an upgrade.

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