OY! Domains scores 147 with LiveSnooker.com


How many of you watched the recent Snooker World Championship? Well, OY! Domains has scored a maximum break with its most recent acquisition of LiveSnooker.com.

LiveSnooker.com is a keyword-rich and highly brandable domain with huge SEO opportunities. There are over 8,000 searches per month for ‘Live Snooker’ with peaks coming in and around the Snooker World Championships. LiveSnooker.com is the perfect domain for Snooker sport fans and entertainment-centered investors or developers.


Registered in 2005, this 9-year old domain has not been developed into a website before and therefore retains huge potential as a new hit Snooker website.


The benefits of LiveSnooker.com:

  • 8,100 searches per month for ‘Live Snooker’
  • Snooker is considered a niche sport and has low competition compared to other sports
  • Premium .com domain extension
  • 2 Premium Keywords
  • Easy to remember and highly marketable domain
  • Clean domain history

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