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$14,750 is For Sale. is an incredible brand for pioneers in the Biowearables space.


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  • is an incredible brand for pioneers in the Biowearables space.

    We are going through a Technology Revolution where advancing electronics are changing consumer behaviour. Just look at the role of the phone and wearables compared to traditional media consumption via TV and Radio. We want media, data and health stats at our fingertips. With the recent advances in Biowearables, it won’t be long till technology will become part of us.

    This is where comes in. is a strong brand name that carries a lot of authority and recognition in the Biowearables space. You may also be interested in

    Stand out from your competitors and be a technological pioneer with this great name! Buy It Now.

    • Amazing tech domain
    • Future-proof – Growing investment in Biowearables
    • Easy to remember and type
    • .com domain extension
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