Two New Additions

In recent week’s, OY! Domains has acquired two new additions to its portfolio, and Each domain is aged over 10 years and offers substantial SEO benefits to businesses within their relevant niches.

Background is an elite domain, which is easy to remember and can be used to represent acronyms of a name or a shortened version of a word. Registered in 2004, this 10 year old domain is the perfect domain for companies with long names or those looking to launch products with a similar title.

First registered in 2003, is an aged keyword-rich domain, perfect for niche music chair suppliers. Attracting over 1,000 searches per month for ‘Music Chairs’, this domain is easy to remember and remains the premium name for this type of product.


The benefits of include:

  • 4-letter domain
  • Premium .COM domain extension
  • Can represent acronyms or shortened names such as ‘Reg Fee’
  • Over 700 searches per month for ‘REGF’

The benefits of include:

  • Keyword-rich domain
  • Over 1,000 searches for ‘Music Chairs’ per month
  • Premium .COM domain extension
  • Aged – First registered in 2003
  • High CPC rate – Save money on online advertising

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